For the past 20 years, Carbon Filtration Systems, Inc. (CFS) has been providing water and air treatment equipment rentals, sales, and services to a variety of industries in the United States.  CFS specializes in liquid phase activated carbon vessels, vapor phase activated carbon vessels, particulate filtration equipment, and on site filter media exchanges.  CFS is ready and able to respond to any water or air purification needs using the latest technologies and filter medias.

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Industries Served


  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Private Water
  • Residential Water
  • Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP’s)
  • Petroleum Industry (Terminals, Service Stations)
  • Product manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Water / Beverage Bottling
  • Food Production / Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Plants
  • Construction
  • Environmental Remediation

Applications Include

Liquid Filtration:

  • Municipal Potable Water Treatment
  • Private Well Treatment
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Storm Water Treatment
  • PCB Removal
  • Product Purification
  • PFOA/PFOS Filtration
  • Construction Dewatering Filtration
  • Underground Storage Tank Replacement Dewatering

Vapor phase applications include:

  • Emissions Control / Tank and Reactor Vents
  • Biogas / Landfill Gas Purification
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Vac Truck Off Gas Treatment
  • VOC Evacuation and Treatment
  • Odor Control